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Kids meditating

In the middle of the July 4th chaos in North Conway, NH, six children found an opportunity to “get zen” and meditate. It stopped a few people and of course, the picture had to be taken. Now, if you knew these children, they are all active and full of personality! When I saw this picture, not only did I see a great opportunity to chuckle to myself but I also saw how a few of them really looked calm.

I know in this crazy world of negativity and violence, it is imperative that as parents we teach our children what is right and wrong, what is acceptable and unacc...

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As I was picking up the sticks in the yard left strewn all over from the freak thunderstorm that ravaged Massachusetts yesterday, my mind got thinking. I mean, what else are you going to do while you bend over repeatedly and pick up the smallest of all sticks? The fragility of it all. I watched as the storm came, observed its fury and intensity, and then it left, leaving blue skies and white puffy clouds behind. As if nothing had ever happened...

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Pain-Healing-Salve-02-300x225So when I first came up with the idea to make a healing salve, it was to help my fellow martial art students heal faster when they would get hurt. Since then, I started using it in the clinic for knee, hip, and low back pain with heat since using products that contain menthol can badly irritate the skin...

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So these past 2 weeks, I have seen a variety of diagnoses ranging from massive migraines/headaches to surgical complications, from non-stop bleeding after childbirth to neck/back pain, from carpal tunnel syndrome to numbness in the legs. You name it, I think I saw it! There were a couple who were nervous about acupuncture and what their family or doctors might say...

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As some of you may know or not know, I am an acupuncturist, and herbalist, and mother, a sister, a friend, and a daughter. My role as a daughter to someone who is currently challenged by active Graft-vs-Host disease (GvHD) as a result of a stem cell transplant got me thinking, incorporating some of the other roles I have in my life to help those who suffer from the signs/symptoms of GvHD!
Although there are strict regimens and protocols for transplant patients, topical natural remedies are available and usually allowed by the transplant teams (please check with...

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Nature has a way of providing us with what we need, when we need it. That’s especially true when it comes to the foods that become available with each season. Autumn brings with it a bounty of fruits, vegetables, and herbs that nourish the body and support health and well-being. Being aware of seasonal foods and attuning your diet to your body’s needs is a great way to live in harmony with the rhythms of nature.
The harvest season is a time to prepare your body for the cold winter ahead...

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When Dr. Deepak Chopra’s son, Gotham Chopra, was playing basketball with Dr. Chopra in the backyard of one of their homes, Gotham asked Dr. Chopra a fantastic question: “Are you a Noun or a Verb?” Dr. Chopra’s response was, “What a ridiculous question…” but he never answered it.
So I asked myself, “Am I a Noun or a Verb?”
Yes, I am a woman, a mom, a wife, a business woman, an acupuncturist/OT, a friend….
But I am also someone who loves, hikes, loves challenges, works, laughs, cries, worries….
As someone influential in my life once said to me, “We are human BE-i...

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Comments Off on All Natural Bug Spray and Itch-Be-Gone Available Now!

‘Tis the season for the heat, BBQ’s, and biting bugs!

I know I happen to be one of the lucky ones (as well as both my children) who when a mosquito bites my skin, I welt up something fierce and the itching is intolerable. One of my friends began my quest to find an all natural bug spray once I heard all the horrible health issues with bug sprays that include DEET...

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If you are one of the many who seem intolerant of the heat and/or the humidity, that seem to almost feel worse in the summer, may feel heavy or insist on being where it is cooler thus missing out on quality outside time with family and friends, then there is an answer for you!

Acupuncture and herbs can help! So let’s talk about the acupuncture first.

Incorporating treatments into your weekly routine can help find the balance in your system. According to Traditional Chinese Medical theory, the season of Summer corresponds to the Heart and the element of fire...

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Comments Off on The 'Weeds' of Good Relationships

As relationships form, relationships fall apart. Ahhhhhh, such is life and nature.

“The only thing constant in change…”

So how do some people keep their relationships healthy through all the years? Not just being in a relationship because its comfortable or because that is what is expected in their environmental culture, but really be present and nourished by their relationships with their significant other? I have been hearing from clients and friends about their significant others’ not fulfilling their needs on one level or another...

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