Acupuncture and Kids’ “Calm Amidst The Chaos”

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Kids meditating

In the middle of the July 4th chaos in North Conway, NH, six children found an opportunity to “get zen” and meditate. It stopped a few people and of course, the picture had to be taken. Now, if you knew these children, they are all active and full of personality! When I saw this picture, not only did I see a great opportunity to chuckle to myself but I also saw how a few of them really looked calm.

I know in this crazy world of negativity and violence, it is imperative that as parents we teach our children what is right and wrong, what is acceptable and unacceptable. But one of the areas I think we may not focus our efforts on is self-cultivation and learning to control our impulses, finding our “inner zen” amidst the chaos of growing up. There are some simple yoga poses and meditation exercises that can be found online and in books for children to help teach them to know what “calm” feels like. I have done a few with my kids and it has been beneficial when I have needed to cue them during challenging times to find that calm within and not react. Don’t get me wrong, I said it was beneficial…I didn’t say we were successful every time! After all, there is a learning curve with maturity!

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can assist in helping the child find their inner calm. Needles, magnets, or Shonishin (Japanese style acupuncture using a set of metal tools that do not puncture the skin) can be used to settle the untamed spirit (impulsivity, hyperactivity), calm the mind, and help balance the emotions (mood swings, getting angry at the drop of a hat). I have always been amazed at how much kids really do love acupuncture! So, remember the picture above and consider acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to address your child’s learning their “inner calm amidst the chaos”!