Acupuncture and Herbs: Let It Go…

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So these past 2 weeks, I have seen a variety of diagnoses ranging from massive migraines/headaches to surgical complications, from non-stop bleeding after childbirth to neck/back pain, from carpal tunnel syndrome to numbness in the legs. You name it, I think I saw it! There were a couple who were nervous about acupuncture and what their family or doctors might say. Interestingly enough though, with the acupuncture treatments and herbal formulas, most of my clients returned for their next appointment feeling amazing, symptom free, and singing the same tune (sung to Let It Go from ‘Frozen’):

“Let It Goooooo, Let It Goooooo, Can’t hold it back anymore!
Let it goooooo, Let it gooooooo, turn around and slam the door (on pain)!
I don’t care what they’re going to say, let their issues rage oooooooon,
Acupuncture never bothered me anyway!”

Acupuncture: Let’s Get To The Point….