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Sign's depicting a choice in your life

It has come so abundantly clear to me recently how important it is to invest time in planning ahead for our health and well being as we age. We will spend hours and much money securing our financial futures yet we push through colds/flus, ignore the little pain in our knee until we can’t ignore it any longer, or make unwise choices with our diet and level of exercise. These actions are not meant to help us secure a long term future of good health.

A good friend of mine even said to me today that when she gets sick, she can’t afford to stop...

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Comments Off on Acupuncture, Compassion, and the Fragility Of It All

As I was picking up the sticks in the yard left strewn all over from the freak thunderstorm that ravaged Massachusetts yesterday, my mind got thinking. I mean, what else are you going to do while you bend over repeatedly and pick up the smallest of all sticks? The fragility of it all. I watched as the storm came, observed its fury and intensity, and then it left, leaving blue skies and white puffy clouds behind. As if nothing had ever happened...

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