Acupuncture and Herbal Options for GvHD (Graft-vs-Host Disease)

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As some of you may know or not know, I am an acupuncturist, and herbalist, and mother, a sister, a friend, and a daughter. My role as a daughter to someone who is currently challenged by active Graft-vs-Host disease (GvHD) as a result of a stem cell transplant got me thinking, incorporating some of the other roles I have in my life to help those who suffer from the signs/symptoms of GvHD!
Although there are strict regimens and protocols for transplant patients, topical natural remedies are available and usually allowed by the transplant teams (please check with your team first). For the dry skin that results from the skin rash, a classic sugar scrub can be a simple solution. Apply it to the face and body 2-3 times a week, more in the dead of a New England winter! May I suggest One Mini Moment’s sugar scrub line…, made locally in Massachusetts. They have a delightful line of scents and are not super oily to use.
For the sinuses, our Sinus Solutions is truly the perfect solution! You can apply it right under your nose and on the sinus passages to open them up and alleviate the discomfort from the pressure. If dryness in the air is something you battle with on a daily basis, run that humidifier with a little of our Sinus Solutions in it and you can take care of two issues at once.
For the aches and pains that may plague your body, try our Super Life Healing Salve! You can put it everywhere and anywhere you are uncomfortable. It works especially well on arthritic hands, knees, backs, necks, and any area where there is muscle soreness. If you have any bruising from IV’s or blood test needles, rub a little of the Super Life Healing Salve in the affected area everyday and watch the bruise disappear, thanks to the Arnica Oil in the cream! Arnica is an herb that naturally treats bruising and sore muscles/joints.
Acupuncture is a natural treatment that can also alleviate many of the signs and symptoms of GvHD and is endorsed by Dana Farber Cancer Institute. If you are already getting your fair share of needles, why not add a few that would help your condition?
At a time when GvHD takes over and leaves so many people lost and struggling everyday, just know there are options and natural ones too! More on this topic in the future because as you know, GvHD is a chronic condition that deserves some attention! Please feel free to visit our store for the products listed above, schedule an appointment, and/or leave us any comments or suggestions for us!