"Are you a Noun or a Verb?"

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When Dr. Deepak Chopra’s son, Gotham Chopra, was playing basketball with Dr. Chopra in the backyard of one of their homes, Gotham asked Dr. Chopra a fantastic question: “Are you a Noun or a Verb?” Dr. Chopra’s response was, “What a ridiculous question…” but he never answered it.
So I asked myself, “Am I a Noun or a Verb?”
Yes, I am a woman, a mom, a wife, a business woman, an acupuncturist/OT, a friend….
But I am also someone who loves, hikes, loves challenges, works, laughs, cries, worries….
As someone influential in my life once said to me, “We are human BE-ings” It is important to BE and be present.
So as one human BE-ing to another, consider the most important aspect of your Be-ing as your health. Do what you should do to be as healthy and balanced as possible. Acupuncture can assist in that process in a healthy way!
Because in the end, what is between “your dash” (dash being the dash between birthdate and death date)?