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Dad and Nathan

August 12th, 2016…a date I don’t think I’ll forget. My dad’s passing in the next phase.

It was a peaceful as it could be, his children holding his hands as he took his last breath, my brother telling him to keep an eye out for us and his grandchildren in heaven...

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Great news again for acupuncture….research has shown that acupuncture combined with herbal medicine outperforms Acyclovir for the treatment of shingles (varicella zoster virus)! According to researchers from Hubei Medicine College in China, acupuncture combined with a basic herbal formula (with modifications as needed) has a 100% total effective rate for the treatment of shingles whereas a combination of oral and topical Acyclovir plus Methylcobalamin has an 82.86% total effective rate...

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Pain-Healing-Salve-02-300x225So when I first came up with the idea to make a healing salve, it was to help my fellow martial art students heal faster when they would get hurt. Since then, I started using it in the clinic for knee, hip, and low back pain with heat since using products that contain menthol can badly irritate the skin...

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The holidays are upon us and we are all shopping…it’s Craaaazy!
Let’s keep ourselves and our friends/family healthy this season with a healthy BOGO (Buy one, get one) offer: buy one gift certificate for any amount for acupuncture from Julie and receive a free treatment for yourself! As everyone goes frenetic around you this season, you can be the “calm in the storm” and the one who is organized and healthy! Email or call us today because the special expires Christmas Eve, 12/24!

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