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With the new guidelines being set in place by the CDC and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, we are updating a few of our expectations. We are considered a health care facility and will continue to require face coverings to be worn in the common areas of the Center. If you are fully vaccinated, you may remove your face covering once in the treatment room. If you are not fully vaccinated, you will be expected to keep your face covering on 100% of the time. Please notify your practitioner of your vaccination status if you haven’t already.

We will continue to ...

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The opioid crisis has been taking the headlines lately and it is a serious issue for many cities and towns in Massachusetts and in the US. Acupuncture has always had treatments available for those who are in recovery as well as those looking to find sobriety. The link below is a fabulous article written by a doctor who realized he needed to find something different for his patients and himself. Please consider acupuncture for your pain management before turning to addictive pain management strategies…you’ll thank yourself for it in the future.

As a doctor, I d...

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We are excited to announce we were featured as an interesting business to check out in the MetroWest area in the Boston Voyager magazine last month! Please go check out the article and come see us! Meet Marlborough Wellness Center

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As I look back at this holiday season, I can honestly smile. We are all done with our shopping and wrapping. We have kept it simple this year because we are traveling and yet, the gifts are thoughtful. This is the first Christmas without my Dad. It was his holiday, he would have been here visiting us by now. Drinking coffee on my couch while watching American Pickers or something fascinating on the History Channel that he would recount for me once I got home...

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Comments Off on MWC Holiday Appreciation Raffle and Giving Goodwill to All

All of the practitioners at the Marlborough Wellness Center want to thank each and every one of our clients for their patronage as well as reward those who value wellness and preventative health therapies!

Starting December 1st and running until December 16th, 2016, we will be placing each client’s name into a free raffle for the
fabulously decorated holiday tree in the office that will include gift certificates from all the services provided at the Center! Your name will be entered into the raffle each time you come and receive a service from one of the Cen...

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Hello world!

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Four cute young kids dressed up in costumes on Halloween trick or treating

As Halloween draws near, I love watching my children get excited about their costumes and dream of the bags of candy they will collect soon. My business group had a “scary” theme this morning and invited us to dress up in our costumes to add to the festivities! I decided to pull out of storage an old favorite of mine from many years ago, my adult sized Tigger costume. Now, for those of you who know me, I have an outgoing personality that fits the Tigger persona...

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Acupuncture word cloud concept. Vector illustration on white

With my alma mater, New England School of Acupuncture, being acquired by the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences based in Worcester, acupuncture is going mainstream so, watch OUT! it means that more people are asking for and positively experiencing acupuncture for ailments that Western Medicine may not have answers for as of yet...

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Dad and Nathan

August 12th, 2016…a date I don’t think I’ll forget. My dad’s passing in the next phase.

It was a peaceful as it could be, his children holding his hands as he took his last breath, my brother telling him to keep an eye out for us and his grandchildren in heaven...

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TCM and Cupping Adjunctive Therapy

TCM and Cupping Adjunctive Therapy

I love the Olympics! Every four years, I get to watch the world come together and compete in sporting events I am familiar with and some I didn’t even know existed. The spirit of competition is alive and exhilarating to watch! And then to see the bruised circles from cupping on the USA male gymnasts and swimmers had me jumping for joy!

You see, as an acupuncturist-herbalist, part of our extensive training included adjunctive techniques such as cupping...

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