All Natural Bug Spray and Itch-Be-Gone Available Now!

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‘Tis the season for the heat, BBQ’s, and biting bugs!

I know I happen to be one of the lucky ones (as well as both my children) who when a mosquito bites my skin, I welt up something fierce and the itching is intolerable. One of my friends began my quest to find an all natural bug spray once I heard all the horrible health issues with bug sprays that include DEET. With research done, I have created an all natural bug spray that truly keeps the biting critters away! NOTE: if you go to a place that you know is going to be super buggy (ie: some of the hiking trails in Callahan State Park in Marlborough/Framingham), place the all natural bug spray on your skin and the DEET containing products on your clothes. This is the safer way to go for full protection! $15.00/4 oz spray bottle…lasts much longer than anticipated.

But let’s say you go out for the evening to a BBQ or camping for the weekend, by water, at dusk (key mosquito time!!), and you manage to get a bite or two….introducing the Itch-Be-Gone ┬ásolution! Thanks to, I found a fantastic recipe for taking the itch away from bug bites, heat rash, and minor sunburns. I have used this on myself and my children with great success for anything itchy!! $10.00/1 oz dropper bottle…also lasts much longer than one would expect since you are using drops at a time.

Both are kid, adult and pet friendly! Will need to re-apply after swimming or excessive sweating. Please use with caution when pregnant, consult a physician if there are any questions.

So if you are interested and intrigued, wanting to give the 2 all natural, essential oil blend/witch hazel base solutions a try, please call 508-460-3399 because they are going fast….just as fast as the mosquito biting your lower leg now….!