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Stepping out of our comfort zone can be scary sometimes. I talk about acupuncture and herbal medicine being out of a lot of people’s comfort zones but as many know, when you are out of your comfort zone, amazing things can happen!

Last Sunday, I decided to join my husband mountain biking. Now, a little background story…he fell in love with mountain biking when he took a ride class through Marlborough Moves, led by the leader of the BLG (aka “Bloody Leg Gang”), a local mountain biking group full of biking enthusiasts...

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Kids meditating

In the middle of the July 4th chaos in North Conway, NH, six children found an opportunity to “get zen” and meditate. It stopped a few people and of course, the picture had to be taken. Now, if you knew these children, they are all active and full of personality! When I saw this picture, not only did I see a great opportunity to chuckle to myself but I also saw how a few of them really looked calm.

I know in this crazy world of negativity and violence, it is imperative that as parents we teach our children what is right and wrong, what is acceptable and unacc...

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In the autumn, everything is cool and dry and everything is dying or retreating. This activity is reflected in the Lungs’ inward movement in the body. So our diets should aim at reinforcing and moistening the Lungs. Pungent flavors have a particular affinity for the Lung network. It is a characteristic of spicy substances that they generally have a dispersing effect. In a healthy individual, pungent food assists the lung’s outwardly dissipating function which is involved in nourishing and regulating the pores on the body surface...

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As the snow continues to melt here in Massachusetts (even though we got a little but more last night), Spring is around the corner! For most of us, it is a time for appreciating gardens full of color, the chance to leisurely walk around the block in the evening, start our triathlon/race training outside, go camping or hiking…just enjoy the outdoors after being cooped up in our homes for a long winter...

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Dry Mouth
Frequent Urination
Loose stools
Every hour is an adventure, “How am I going to feel?”
Acupuncture and herbal medicine can assist in stabilizing sugars and help someone suffering from Diabetes find a healthy balance. An herb called Mu Gua/Bitter Melon specifically addresses diabetes and the sugar/insulin balance. Adding that to a formula individualized for the client’s specific needs can be very beneficial.
The Marlborough Wellness Center also hopes to participate in the American Diabetes Association Walk in Worcester this y...

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