Acupuncture Goes Mainstream So, Watch OUT!

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With my alma mater, New England School of Acupuncture, being acquired by the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences based in Worcester, acupuncture is going mainstream so, watch OUT! it means that more people are asking for and positively experiencing acupuncture for ailments that Western Medicine may not have answers for as of yet. And yes, I have also seen an increased number of referrals from medical doctors in the past few years which gives me hope that complementary therapies like acupuncture and Western medical practitioners will make a great team in our near future!

It is an honor to be an acupuncturist and I love going to work everyday, affecting people’s lives in ways I could never have imagined! Just today, I had a client say she had no overtaken a bout of pneumonia with her acupuncture experience and two clients with chronic shoulder pain that reported they were on the mend and attributed it to their treatments! Not to mention the amazing effect acupuncture and Chinese Medicine has had on my pediatric patient with ADHD and OCD. He told me he can think straight for the first time in a long time!

So please, if you are considering acupuncture for your chronic or acute pain, medical issues, or for general wellness, I strongly suggest you try it! And of course, call your insurance company to find out if your plan covers acupuncture in some way! We welcome you to our clinic and to the unlimited world of acupuncture that can help you live the life you want and can live!!

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