Acupuncture, Peace, Grace and the Holidays

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As I look back at this holiday season, I can honestly smile. We are all done with our shopping and wrapping. We have kept it simple this year because we are traveling and yet, the gifts are thoughtful. This is the first Christmas without my Dad. It was his holiday, he would have been here visiting us by now. Drinking coffee on my couch while watching American Pickers or something fascinating on the History Channel that he would recount for me once I got home. He’d be laughing with my kids and most importantly, reading the book “Twas The Night Before Christmas” to us all on Christmas Eve night. That’s a ritual that may be tough to go without this year but new rituals will hopefully begin. Maybe my brother will take up the role of the reader, passing along something special to my dad’s grandchildren who he loved dearly. Either way, family is what is truly important in the end. The love and the memories that we have shared are what we are left with in the end.

Interestingly enough, I have noticed many of my clients have been coming in with the frenetic energy that is all to common this time of year. Not to mention the stress of entertaining family and possibly fighting the colds and flus that are running rampant right now. We are all still ragged from the Election and trying to transition into the Winter cold. So as I was going through my emails, I found a great article from the Chopra Center that I thought was important to share. “9 Ways to Bring Peace and Grace to Your Holiday Season” is a must read! (9 Ways to Bring Peace and Grace to Your Holiday Season) And remember, the best gift is the gift of health and acupuncture can be the perfect gift for anyone you know needing help transitioning into the Winter, fighting a cold, or just need to find some kind of balance in the new year!