Acupuncture and The End of Life

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Dad and Nathan

August 12th, 2016…a date I don’t think I’ll forget. My dad’s passing in the next phase.

It was a peaceful as it could be, his children holding his hands as he took his last breath, my brother telling him to keep an eye out for us and his grandchildren in heaven. He spent his last days with his family, lunch dates with his granddaughters, watching his grandchildren create apples out of Legos and catch frogs in the reeds, sharing family dinners at the table together laughing, watching the sun rise and set over the water…it was the best one could ask for at the end of their life.

One thing that I know helped him as his years waned was acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. I was able to help him manage his diabetes and sugars by maintaining a healthy appetite, all the while calming his spirit and assisting him to restful sleep at night. We managed his pain while boosting his energy so he could do the activities he loved. Going to/watching the car races, working in his tinsmith shop, doing his historical re-enactments. And in the end, I knew that his belief in the effectiveness of acupuncture and herbs added time to his timeline.

So here’s to you, Dad…and all of you who are wondering if there are non-invasive options at the end of your life to find comfort and health, the answer is yes! Acupuncture and herbal medicine, when performed by a licensed practitioner, can be helpful in more ways than one!