Acupuncture and Plantar Fasciitis

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Ah yes, one of the biggest complaints I see in the clinic is Plantar Fasciitis and the pain associated with it can sideline a linebacker and bring a real estate agent to her knees. The fascia on the bottom of the foot can begin to get inflamed due to injury, overuse, or predisposed factors (i.e.: after ankle surgery, etc.). Once it starts to flare up, one might feel it along the heel, pulling into the middle of their foot, or even radiating into the ball of the foot. Massaging the bottom of the foot gently can work at it’s most acute stage but taking a roller or a tennis ball along the bottom every day will yield the best results. I have found acupuncture has worked wonders along with the use of KinesioTaping to facilitate proper fascial movement and some herbal patches that help control the inflammation itself.

Consider acupuncture as a treatment option before choosing more invasive and disruptive approaches! You will be pleasantly surprised!