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Comments Off on Acupuncture: Are You Missing Your Alarm Completely?

The chirping of the alarm barely rouses you enough to pry one arm out from under the blanket. Your hand automatically navigates its way to the bedside nightstand and inches its way to the alarm clock, a move ingrained by years of repetition.
Despite your best intentions of arising on time, not only do you sleep through the first alarm, but somehow manage to hit the snooze button twice more, rationalizing to yourself that you don’t need that much time to get ready for work anyway.
Finally, the Critical Alert goes off in your head. GET UP NOW OR GET FIRED!

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Comments Off on Acupuncture and Herbs: Let’s Talk About Allergies

As the snow continues to melt here in Massachusetts (even though we got a little but more last night), Spring is around the corner! For most of us, it is a time for appreciating gardens full of color, the chance to leisurely walk around the block in the evening, start our triathlon/race training outside, go camping or hiking…just enjoy the outdoors after being cooped up in our homes for a long winter...

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