Acupuncture and Herbs: Let’s Talk About Allergies

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As the snow continues to melt here in Massachusetts (even though we got a little but more last night), Spring is around the corner! For most of us, it is a time for appreciating gardens full of color, the chance to leisurely walk around the block in the evening, start our triathlon/race training outside, go camping or hiking…just enjoy the outdoors after being cooped up in our homes for a long winter. For some of us, it is the dreaded time of stuffy heads, headaches, watery itchy eyes, contact sinus drainage, all over body discomfort, itchy skin…do I really need to go on? Allergies are never much fun! Stress and lifestyle/diet choices can compound the problem and it’s symptoms.
Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal medicine has answers for those of you who suffer from seasonal allergies! Acupuncture can help boost the immune system while treating the symptoms present. Chinese herbal medicine has fantastic formulas that when they are taken 1-2 months in advance of the targeting expected allergy season, can do away with most of the reactions to the environmental allergens. Many clients have walked in the doors of the Marlborough Wellness Center in an amazing of amount of discomfort only to leave after their treatment plan timeline symptom free (or maybe needing a minor tune-up for good measure)!
If you are tired of suffering and have tried a few of the natural remedies without much effect, please consider calling your acupuncturist-herbalist and discuss the options that will best fit your needs! You do not have to suffer from allergies!