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The holidays are a big part of the fall and winter months. This is often a time to reconnect with family and loved ones, to attend social events, and celebrate your beliefs. Unfortunately, it can also be a time of extra commitments, nonstop activity, and pressure to get it all done. This can result in a lot of stress both mental and physical.

Everyone feels stressed occasionally, but when it continues for a long time or gets overwhelming it can take a real toll on your health...

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I was searching for videos that adequately demonstrated acupuncture while explaining the basics with ease when I fell upon an old Katie’s Take show that featured acupuncture and it’s history/what it’s used for. I really like the way it was explained by the very knowledgeable acupuncturist and the demonstration was accurate...

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Though there is a long list of drugs to handle stress, the list of their side effects is equally long. So everyone is on the look out for natural stress relief techniques which are very effective and at the same time don’t have many side effects. Herbal treatments usually have a significant chunk of followers. Herbs are natural stress relievers with little or no side effects and can be used as a single herb or combination product in stress management therapy...

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What is stress?
• Stress is an emotional/bodily reaction to physical, psychological or emotional demands.
• Stress is a fact of life.
– Managed stress can become useful and healthy (viewing events as challenges).
– Unmanaged stress can become distressful and unhealthy (viewing events as threats).

What are some of the causes of stress?
• Expectations we place on ourselves
• Expectations of others
• Our physical environment — noise, movement, weather, season changes
• Our internal environment — life pressure, frustration, not enough time, decisi...

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So last week we learned what stress does to our physiological body but what can we do about it? How do Stress Relief strategies really work?
The logic behind using stress strategies for the relief of stress is very much similar to that of concentrative meditation.
In concentrative meditation, focusing on any object, sound, image or thought takes the mind away form the source of stress resulting in relaxation of mind...

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This morning in my business networking group, I stood up, put a Foam Worcester Sharks shark hat on and proceeded to ask if anyone felt like they were being eaten by their stress? The mothers in the group nodded their heads as they prepare to get their kids back to school and the men laughed as they knew the meaning of stress through their work schedules. But what exactly happens when stress occurs in our bodies? It’s nothing short of a shark attack!

As Stanford psychiatrist David Spiegel puts it, “Living a stress-free life is not a reasonable goal...

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