Acupuncture: Small Facts About Stress

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What is stress?
• Stress is an emotional/bodily reaction to physical, psychological or emotional demands.
• Stress is a fact of life.
– Managed stress can become useful and healthy (viewing events as challenges).
– Unmanaged stress can become distressful and unhealthy (viewing events as threats).

What are some of the causes of stress?
• Expectations we place on ourselves
• Expectations of others
• Our physical environment — noise, movement, weather, season changes
• Our internal environment — life pressure, frustration, not enough time, decisions,

What are some symptoms of unmanaged stress?
• Increased heart rate and blood pressure; feeling tense, irritable, fatigued, or depressed
• Lack of interest and ability to concentrate, apathy
• Avoidance behaviors: abuse of drugs, alcohol, tobacco

What are ways to manage stress effectively?
• Add balance to life; don’t overdo work or play.
• Know and accept what kind of person you are: strengths and weaknesses.
• Get a thorough physical exam.
• Take “time outs”.
• Expand your support network, reinforce your positive friendships.
• Exercise regularly.
• Watch your breathing. Deep breaths are cheap and easy.
• Walk loosely and walk more.
• Learn and practice relaxation skills.
• Discuss problems with friends, family, or counselor.

But most importantly, if you are showing physiological signs of stress, acupuncture can help your body regain balance and help you deal with the stress with healthier responses. Think outside of the box: try acupuncture.