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Nursing home
As one of my clients today said, “Some days just stink!” And on those days, she states she forgets to stop and be grateful.
“Maybe it’s Mercury in Retrograde,” she says, “or the fact I just feel awful.” Everything she reported seem to hurt and her stress level was through the roof with her work piling up and her family member in the hospital. We started her balancing treatment with a little calming spirit added in and a “sigh” was released from her lips. “Ok I can now be grateful for acupuncture.”

Sometimes our healthy state is off, a new ache or pain has man...

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I’ve been practicing acupuncture in Marlborough, Massachusetts for a while now and when Kate offered a testimonial after receiving acupuncture for decreased energy, I was honored! So, here is a sound bite (mp3) for you!

Kate’s take

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