Acupuncture and Gratefulness: But What If I Haven’t Been Feeling Very Grateful?

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As one of my clients today said, “Some days just stink!” And on those days, she states she forgets to stop and be grateful.
“Maybe it’s Mercury in Retrograde,” she says, “or the fact I just feel awful.” Everything she reported seem to hurt and her stress level was through the roof with her work piling up and her family member in the hospital. We started her balancing treatment with a little calming spirit added in and a “sigh” was released from her lips. “Ok I can now be grateful for acupuncture.”

Sometimes our healthy state is off, a new ache or pain has manifested. Maybe we live in a constant state of pain, trying hard to get through every day to the bed tot our ability. Maybe it’s stress over a personal issue or a situation at work. Let’s remember that aging isn’t easy and accepting the reality isn’t any easier. Our bodies begin to breakdown, causing us to notice more of the discomforts and a little less of the little moments that help us remember we are alive. My father-in-law lives in chronic pain and I remember him telling me one day before his treatment that the “Pain helps me remember I’m alive.” Good point when you really think about it.

Acupuncture and herbal medicine can help put the body back into a more natural state of balance, help everything go the way it should so we are not fighting ourselves. Acupuncture has proven to decrease inflammation in our bodies as well as ease the stress which creates more inflammation in the body. Very simply, it’s a vicious cycle. Several of my clients will come and then say “I’ll call you when I need a treatment because I’m feeling great”. But preventative acupuncture on a monthly basis is the key to the true fountain of youth. This in turn can help you feel better overall, thus allowing you the opportunity to honestly see the silver lining in the clouds. This is where acupuncture and gratefulness become one in assisting us to get healthier and become kinder human beings. When we feel good, we can give and see good in others.

So for me today, in my gratefulness journal (which I titled “moments of pleasure” because each one of them brings me exactly that) I will write “I am thankful for acupuncture.”