Toxins in our bodies

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I was reading an article written by Mr. Gregg St. Clair, BA, MSTOM, LAc regarding toxins in our bodies and how people wonder where cancer comes from when they live healthy lives that got me thinking. We’ve heard this before as practitioners…”But I exercise and eat all the right foods, how can this happen to me?” If one takes a moment to think of all the toxins that are in our water, our soil, our food (perfect example is the e coli outbreak in the water irrigation system and spinach), our homes, our air/environment, and our modern medical system pharmaceuticals…it is no wonder we find ourselves growing abnormal cellular structures. Healthy, organic food choices and honest lifestyle changes are the best route to clean health. An old adage in Chinese medicine is “A superior physician treats disease before it arises” to which we truly believe. Acupuncture and alternative medicine is a great addition to establishing a healthier life. Preventative medicine will always be the smarter route and insurances are starting to see them being the cheaper route also. It is important to note that although acupuncturists can not treat cancer, we can focus on the nausea, the weakened immune system, depression and other issues that may plague the system.