Summer 09: Instant Stress Buster

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Especially in these troubled economic times, we must keep ourselves healthy, balanced, and focused on the positive future! Massage and Acupuncture can assist with achieving that balance but what can we do on a daily basis? To slow your pulse, lower your blood pressure, and tame tension your in no time, Woodson Merrill, ma (the source: unleash your natural energy, power up your health, and feel 10 years younger; Parenting magazine, October 2008) suggests the following exercise:


1.     Sit up straight, shoulders back.

2.     Inhale slowly and deeply to the count of four, filling your belly with air.

3.     Hold for one count.

4.     Exhale slowly and completely, to the count of six. Allow your shoulders to relax (but don’t let them slump forward).

5.     Pause for one count. Repeat four times.

6.     Enjoy a moment of nirvana before jumping back into the fray.


Did you know that…

400 = number of times kids laugh each day

15 = the daily chuckle count for adults….

We need to laugh it up more often!