Summer 09: Can Massage Improve My Golf Game?

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Not only does massage make you feel great, massage is a wonderful addition to your approach to golf. Massage will help relax and tone muscles, increase flexibility, rejuvenate and increase muscle sensory mechanisms.  All of this adds up to better balance and body awareness, key factors in playing good golf.

Massage is beneficial for lots of reasons, but the most important one is circulation. Several massage strokes increase the movement of blood and lymph.¬† If a muscle is stiff because of a long day on the course, getting oxygenated blood to the area improves the condition rapidly.¬†Massage can help relax muscles and return them to normal health and physical condition. With your golf muscles relaxed they will function efficiently, reducing the risk of “strain,” and producing consistently better shots. Massage can also relieve pain, due to its encouragement of endorphin release, especially if it is caused by muscle tension.

Post-round massage increases circulation in the muscle tissues, helping to prevent build-up of harmful “fatigue” products resulting from strenuous exercise and competition. So when you are ready to take your golfing performance to a new level.