Summer Solstice Natural Bug Spray


All Natural bug spray to keep bugs away while you enjoy the outdoors!

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We look forward to each summer every year, knowing that camping and BBQ’s will commence! Riding bikes, watching baseball games, hiking, and sitting by the lake/ocean are all moments we long for…and then the bugs appear! Keep them away with this all natural proprietary blend of essential oils all placed in a tansy tea base. Shake well before each use and apply as often as needed. Strongly recommend if you find yourself in the deep woods, apply this natural bug spray on your skin and your clothes for maximum protection.

Consult physician before using and use with caution when pregnant.

“What I love about the all natural bug spray is it’s light and does not feel sticky on my skin. There is no chemical smell and the spray goes on where I put it, not all over the place. It takes very little to apply and best of all, it WORKS!” – Emily G.

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