Nature’s No-Itch Solution


An all natural answer to calming bug bites, rashes, and sunburns for adults and children.

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Nature’s No-Itch solution was created by this herbalist out of the need to calm her husband’s propensity to develop poison ivy rashes and her children’s itchy bug bites and hot sunburns. If you find you attract the bugs and the poison ivy or tend to burn faster than those around you, Nature’s No-Itch Solution is the answer for you! Put a few drops/spray the area and presto! The itch/burn/rash will begin to decrease in it’s intensity and then begin to heal itself. Shake well before each use and apply as often as it is needed.

Ingredients: a proprietary blend of raw herbs, essential oils, and jewelweed oil, all combined in a witch hazel base.

Consult a physician before use and use with caution during pregnancy.

“This spray is amazing! It completely stops my childrens’ bug bites and poison ivy itching in seconds and lasts for hours. We’ve tried several over the counter creams and sprays but none of those products come close to the speed and effectiveness of this spray.” – Amber A.

“My family loves this solution because it immediately takes away the itch from bug bites. It has a light, refreshing scent and I feel comfortable using it on my kids because of it’s all natural ingredients.” – Christy A.

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