"Every new beginning…"

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“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” – ‘Closing Time’, Semisonic

This is the song that keeps playing in my head this morning. In fact, it woke me up.

Almost five years ago, I met my business partner and we ventured onto a path to create an out-patient pediatric therapy facility together. We had visions of large sensory gyms, helping families find the answers they were seeking, empowering our community through education, and truly integrating children’s therapies. I had a place to do research on sensory integration and pediatric acupuncture, a place to add to my list of things I had created as an accomplished woman. But no matter what insurances you may have or knowledgeable advisors may be there to help, one can not change the course of one’s path.

It became clear after I hit bottom at the beginning of this year, that I needed to really evaluate my life and what my priorities are. I had defined myself by my career for so long that in the process, had overlooked the most important success to date: my family. My son who craves attention and Star Wars, my daughter who dances in a tutu to Beastie Boys and Lady Gaga, and my husband who truly is my best friend and co-pilot on this flight of life. And where I was investing the most of my energy was not yielding the return I really needed. Again, it became clear.

So I began the painstaking process of ending a partnership and focusing on what was most meaningful and what most defined who I am. Painstaking doesn’t even begin to describe the past three months and it’s not quite over. But what is over is my physical time at the space I created with positivity and excitement. And I wish that space only success and prosperity in the future.

So today is a day that will define me in many ways. I have a lot to accomplish today and I am going to try to keep my focus but I accept that there will be tears along the way. I have support today that I am so grateful for and too many future opportunities available to count! I am truly thankful for all abundance and know I am safe and secure in this life.

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” ¬†Perfectly poignant…don’t you think?