Acupuncture and The Season of Spring

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The Season of Spring

Seasonal changes in climate have a significant effect on the physiological functions and pathological changes of the body. In the Spring, as the weather turns warmer and everything is growing, the Liver becomes very active in its function of dispelling and dispersing.

The Liver also corresponds with the wind, the birth of gardens and beings, the emotion of anger/frustration, the eyes and our vision, as well as the nails, tendons, ligaments, and tissues in our body. Oftentimes, people may suffer from seasonal allergies, increased frustration around simple situations, and new tendon/tissue injuries due to the transition between the winter (season of the Kidney) and the spring (season of the Liver) not being a smooth one.

So as one may presume, our diets should reinforce the Liver and its dispersing qualities. Eating foods grown/created in the spring season such as leafy vegetables and citrus fruits is best while continuing to avoid/minimize extremely cold food and dairy products. Drinking plenty of water to keep hydrated and do simple cleanses to “spring clean”/prepare your body for the season. Try introducing these following foods/seasonings to your meals to help the Liver help your body dispel the winter and disperse your energy in a balanced way:

Basil Radish
Carrots Turmeric
Cloves Cardamom
Garlic Chive
Orange Peel Dill Seed
Tangerine Peel Mustard leaf
Caraway Star Anise
Cayenne Coriander