Acupuncture: Off-Road or Off The Mark?

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We know you’ve seen them braving the pitted surface of the highway, or perhaps traversing a busy grocery store or home improvement parking lot. Luckily for the driver, there’s just enough power and ground clearance to navigate a speed bump before wedging himself into a miniscule parking space. We’re referring to The Hummer: real-life Tonka toy, the bastion of raw power and manliness…relegated to a life on the pavement. It’s a travesty being played out all over America.
The question is are you treating acupuncture like a well-dressed Hummer? Are you using it for total body health and well-being as it was meant to be or simply to reduce your back pain? Are you using it to unleash the awesome power of the meridian system, to support and rebuild your health or just to get rid of that headache? Using it to enhance your athletic performance, boost your immunity, and increase your energy, calm your mind, reduce your stress or to merely get over a stiff neck? It’s time to get off the pavement and into the tough stuff!
Many people are still under the impression that acupuncture is all about fixing up aches and pains. Are you one of them?
The very first acupuncture treatment was delivered over 2,500 years ago! Acupuncture is a time-tested, proven method to help regain health in ways that go beyond just treating pains and aches.
Obviously, if you come to us in pain we will do everything we can to get your body back into balance as quickly as possible in order to alleviate your symptoms. But the true overriding purpose of acupuncture is to restore the normal and balanced flow of energies within the meridian system so that the body is free to express its maximum potential of health at all times. Using acupuncture for anything less is like never taking your Hummer off-road.
If you are seeing us on an occasional basis or only when you hurt yourself, you are missing out on the true essence of acupuncture. If this sounds like you, call the Marlborough Wellness Center to get on a schedule of preventative, proactive acupuncture care and let us help you live life to the fullest.
But you rationalize that you bought your Hummer because it has plenty of headroom and ample cargo space to transport your groceries and lumber. Nice try. So does the neighbor lady’s minivan.
Now about that treatment…