Acupuncture and Running

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So as I went for a run this morning, I got started slowly, a bit nervous of how it was going to go and how far I was going to go. You see, I haven’t been running for a long time but I have been keeping up with cardio workouts and spinning, trying to at least keep up on my triathlon aspirations. Yes, my first triathlon is this Sunday, Mother’s Day. But I digress….
Ok so as I was running, I started to feel the crankiness in my legs, my breathing got a little challenging, especially on the uphill. But I heard the voice of my good friend and personal trainer, Kathy Ekdahl of Personal Best Personal Training, in the back of my mind saying, “take it easy, you can do it”. So I kept going, trying to ease into a pace and focus on my music and breathing. And I kept going..that is the key part of that sentence. As I continued, I noticed I started to feel so much better on all fronts. Before I knew it, I had completed 2.1 miles which included some big hills!
But now you are wondering, what does any of this have to do with acupuncture?? Well, when you think about it, the starting is the hardest part. Most of my clients were afraid to come, for fear of what the acupuncture was going to feel like or if they could afford it. Once they started, they found relief from whatever ailed them. But there is always a point where they started to feel better and thought to themselves, “I don’t need to come anymore”. Aha, this is the importance of preventative medicine. Just coming even 1-2 times a month can keep your immune system strong and other issues at bay. If you have a flare-up of something, then you go in for a short term treatment plan but then resume the preventative maintenance protocol set up for you by your acupuncturist. So consider just starting and see how far you can go with your health!