Acupuncture and Gratitude: Happiness From Within

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So is it possible to find happiness from within and feel grateful? I know I have contemplated and meditated on the concept of this many times while many gurus and teachers tell us that that is where it all comes from. But we are amidst mixed messages when our modern society seems to hold in high regard the opposite, the tangible vs the intangible. And honestly, where does acupuncture fit into all of this?

Acupuncture is a thousands of years old ancient art and medicine that can help free any blockages in the human body which can cause dis-ease, especially the meridians that correspond with our spirit. For you see, Chinese Medicine does not separate the body and the spirit. They are one just as we should be. When the body experiences acupuncture, the energy begins to move back into alignment, a natural homeostasis. This is where old memories and injuries are revisited and resolved. Pain is decreased if not erased and the mind finds a sense of awareness without being bogged down by the excess. It is here that you can find the happiness within. Gratitude can unlock the fullness of life with the subtle assistance of acupuncture.

So if you find yourself struggling through your day with uneasiness or discomfort, remember that there are options out there to help you find the happiness inside you. Or by just starting with creating a gratitude journal or saying thank you more frequently, you will notice a positive shift within.

As Neale Donald Walsh once said, “The struggle ends when gratitude begins.”