Summer 08: Do you want to defy your age naturally?

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The Five Tibetan Rites or The Fountain of Youth
These simple exercises are designed to reverse the process of aging. In order for these exercises to work you must believe that it IS possible to reverse the aging process. Do you know someone who looks years younger than their actual age? What about years older? If we can accelerate aging, can we also slow it down or reverse it?

For thousands of years, eastern mystics have maintained that the body has seven principal energy centers that correspond to the seven endocrine glands. These are called chakras, and are like spinning wheels of energy. The five ancient tibetan rites are able to normalize the spinning of the chakras, thus normalizing hormonal imbalances in the body, creating lasting youth, health and vitality. Recent medical research has uncovered evidence that the aging process is hormone regulated.

Perform the rites daily 21x each. As a beginner, start with 3-5 repetitions and slowly build up to 21x. These exercises are a perfect way to start your day and here’s one to start with:
Stand with arms out from shoulders, right palm down, left palm up. Spin to the right, keeping focus on right hand. When done, return to prayer position and rest.