Spotlight on Energy Medicine and Intuitive Counseling (Summer 07)

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What does the word “healthy” mean to you? Do you conjure an image of a slightly overweight average Joe who only catches the occasional cold, or do you see a professional athlete with six-pack abs and bulging biceps? What does the word “wellness” means to you? Is there a difference between health and wellness?
The word “well” is rooted in ancient Sanskrit, and loosely translated means “to choose”. We are moving away from being a disempowered culture that has put all responsibility for healing in to the hands of doctors to one that realizes each person creates their own state of being. Assuming responsibility for our wellness can be frightening. We are so used to believing we need a specialist to tell us what’s wrong and how to fix it, it doesn’t occur to people that they already hold the key to their own healing. You are being challenged to change the way you think and what you believe. Shift your thinking from the belief that accidents or illnesses are something that happens to you. You have the power to create your own reality, simply by making choices that will yield the result you really want. This is not so simple for those who are unfamiliar with the concept of empowerment! An energy medicine practitioner and/or intuitive counselor can help! Energy medicine is a catchall term that covers many different practices designed to restore the flow of energy in the body to a balanced state. Reiki, acupuncture, chakra balancing, massage, and therapeutic touch are all forms of energy medicine. Ideally, this energy will flow smoothly to all parts of the physical, emotional, and spiritual body to keep it running at peak levels. If a short circuit or block occurs in the energy pathway, the flow to that area will dry up and won’t reach its intended destination or overflow into somewhere else. Too little or too much energy will eventually manifest as a physical disturbance. An energy medicine practitioner will identify the areas where energy does not freely circulate and correct the imbalance. If the root of the imbalance isn’t addressed, it will return. A good energy medicine practitioner will teach you how to consciously manage your own energy so you can take care of yourself.
If what we believe is what we create, it stands to reason that our thoughts create our wellness or illness. Intuitive counseling will help you make those mind/body connections so you can sort through your beliefs, hold onto the ones that empower you, and disregard those that no longer serve you.