Super Life Healing Salve


Non-greasy, lightly scented cream that relieves acute and chronic joint and muscle aches from injuries and arthritis.

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A non-greasy, lightly scented cream to be used for acute and chronic aches and pains! Great for acute martial arts injuries and joint pain, chronic hand arthritis that aches throughout the day, as well as shoulder, knee and low back pain.

Apply as needed throughout the day, subtle scent won’t take over the boardroom.

Ingredients: raw shea butter, arnica oil, and a proprietary blend of essential oils.

Consult physician before using and use cautiously during pregnancy.

“Julie has created a breakthrough cream that is just amazing! It helps chronic pain, muscle aches and Martial Arts injuries. It is totally natural with herbs, Raw Shea Butter and Arnica as a base, making it a unique blend which helps me recover faster so I can get back to my training sooner. I definitely love this cream!” – Master Cooper, NEMA

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