NEW Product for GVHD: Dry Skin

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Ultimate Soft Skin Solution

As promised, more products are coming available to aid and assist those who suffer from the signs and symptoms of Graft-vs-Host Disease (GvHD) as a result of stem cell transplants and any other life saving transplant. One of the biggest symptom that the majority of people who have GvHD complain about is dry or cracked skin all over their body. Nothing seems to help that comes over the counter so I created the “Ultimate Soft Skin Solution”. It contains all natural and organic ingredients, items you can pronounce and probably even know what they are! A proprietary blend of organic shea butter, organic cocoa butter, organic coconut oil, and all natural calendula oil make up this soft, creamy solution to your skin’s needs. Please try it for yourself and you will not be disappointed! And let’s not forget that if it works on severely dry or cracked skin, you can bet it will be the answer for your annual winter dry skin conditions too!