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In Chinese Medicine, we also address dietary therapy: what to eat for what organ system or to change a deficiency/excess condition with the use of food. We also discuss with our clients the temperature of the food. How to store them, how to eat them at what temperature and if you can’t change the temp of the food (i.e.: dairy products), how can you balance it out with a different temperature (i.e.: warm tea). I came upon this article from the Chopra Center that discusses what foods to refrigerate and which ones don’t need to be...

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‘Tis the season of giving thanks for what we have received this year, thankfulness for our family and friends, and most importantly our health. it has been a wonderful year full of great weather moments and sad global experiences. All of which causes us to pause an d think about how truly blessed we are living the lives we are living. So while you are at the table, about to enjoy the food that has thoughtfully been prepared for you, take a moment and say thank you out loud...

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Though there is a long list of drugs to handle stress, the list of their side effects is equally long. So everyone is on the look out for natural stress relief techniques which are very effective and at the same time don’t have many side effects. Herbal treatments usually have a significant chunk of followers. Herbs are natural stress relievers with little or no side effects and can be used as a single herb or combination product in stress management therapy...

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So I know I have posted on this topic before but I have to include pictures this time! Yes, Virginia…there is a Santa Claus and a solution for your sunburns! Super Life Healing Salve for Sunburns!

Sunburn Before Healing Salve
“These are the before and after pictures of my husband’s back great site. The first one is the day before applying the Healing Salve. The second picture is from after 3 applications of the Healing Salve. I can’t get over the difference!!” – Sarah G.
Sunburn After Healing Salve

So if you are someone who burns easily whenever you are in the sun, go to the Natural Store on the Marlborough Well...

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I get asked all the time what are the best food to eat during the summer? Healthy eating tips for the summer are a little tricky but my main mantra is “Eat With The Season”!
Since the weather is warm, you need light, cooling foods. Juicy peaches, sweet watermelons, tomatoes hot off the vine… and the right foods are easy to find. One trip through your garden or a walk through a farmer’s market and you’ll have the perfect summer meal.
But since you’re outside exercising and working in the garden, you build up an appetite...

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Pain-Healing-Salve-02-300x225So when I first came up with the idea to make a healing salve, it was to help my fellow martial art students heal faster when they would get hurt. Since then, I started using it in the clinic for knee, hip, and low back pain with heat since using products that contain menthol can badly irritate the skin...

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Natural tea for allergiesBreathe-Easy-Chest-Rub-02-300x225Sinus-Solutions-225x300
Allergy season is coming and don’t wait one more minute! Get your Allergies Away tea at our online store as well as the Sinus Solutions oil to clear your sinuses and the Breathe Easy Chest Balm for the times it settles into your chest! Do not suffer needlessly…be proactive with natural organic product solutions, made at the Marlborough Wellness Center by licensed herbalists! Visit our Store today!

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Ultimate Soft Skin Solution

As promised, more products are coming available to aid and assist those who suffer from the signs and symptoms of Graft-vs-Host Disease (GvHD) as a result of stem cell transplants and any other life saving transplant. One of the biggest symptom that the majority of people who have GvHD complain about is dry or cracked skin all over their body. Nothing seems to help that comes over the counter so I created the “Ultimate Soft Skin Solution”...

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As some of you may know or not know, I am an acupuncturist, and herbalist, and mother, a sister, a friend, and a daughter. My role as a daughter to someone who is currently challenged by active Graft-vs-Host disease (GvHD) as a result of a stem cell transplant got me thinking, incorporating some of the other roles I have in my life to help those who suffer from the signs/symptoms of GvHD!
Although there are strict regimens and protocols for transplant patients, topical natural remedies are available and usually allowed by the transplant teams (please check with...

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Nature has a way of providing us with what we need, when we need it. That’s especially true when it comes to the foods that become available with each season. Autumn brings with it a bounty of fruits, vegetables, and herbs that nourish the body and support health and well-being. Being aware of seasonal foods and attuning your diet to your body’s needs is a great way to live in harmony with the rhythms of nature.
The harvest season is a time to prepare your body for the cold winter ahead...

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