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Dad and Nathan

August 12th, 2016…a date I don’t think I’ll forget. My dad’s passing in the next phase.

It was a peaceful as it could be, his children holding his hands as he took his last breath, my brother telling him to keep an eye out for us and his grandchildren in heaven...

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TCM and Cupping Adjunctive Therapy

TCM and Cupping Adjunctive Therapy

I love the Olympics! Every four years, I get to watch the world come together and compete in sporting events I am familiar with and some I didn’t even know existed. The spirit of competition is alive and exhilarating to watch! And then to see the bruised circles from cupping on the USA male gymnasts and swimmers had me jumping for joy!

You see, as an acupuncturist-herbalist, part of our extensive training included adjunctive techniques such as cupping...

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Stepping out of our comfort zone can be scary sometimes. I talk about acupuncture and herbal medicine being out of a lot of people’s comfort zones but as many know, when you are out of your comfort zone, amazing things can happen!

Last Sunday, I decided to join my husband mountain biking. Now, a little background story…he fell in love with mountain biking when he took a ride class through Marlborough Moves, led by the leader of the BLG (aka “Bloody Leg Gang”), a local mountain biking group full of biking enthusiasts...

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Kids meditating

In the middle of the July 4th chaos in North Conway, NH, six children found an opportunity to “get zen” and meditate. It stopped a few people and of course, the picture had to be taken. Now, if you knew these children, they are all active and full of personality! When I saw this picture, not only did I see a great opportunity to chuckle to myself but I also saw how a few of them really looked calm.

I know in this crazy world of negativity and violence, it is imperative that as parents we teach our children what is right and wrong, what is acceptable and unacc...

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Lions Triathlon
As some of you may or may not know, I am a triathlete. And as a triathlete, I am always looking for ways for my body to perform better as I swim, bike and run. I loved falling upon this article in the recent USAT newsletter! Thank you to Sandy Bikus for writing such a fabulous positive viewpoint on the amazing impact acupuncture can do for triathletes as well as athletes of any interest!

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Linking entities. Network, networking, social media, connectivity, internet communication abstract. Web of thin silver wires on white background. Key Person or network hub.

Today, in my business group, my fellow health and wellness colleagues and I did a group weekly presentation on what we each could contribute to one man’s life. It was profound to listen to everyone’s approach to how each individual practitioner/business could affect our fictional character’s life in so many different ways.

This got me thinking about the importance of working with a well versed, experienced team of health practitioners/businesses. We can’t do it alone but by working together, we could accomplish so much more...

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This past weekend was epic in terms of breaking down and setting up the most beautiful, professional office the Marlborough Wellness Center has seen yet!

These are the empty “before” pictures:
<img src="×225.jpg" alt="IMG_5847" width="300" height="225" class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-904" srcset="×225.jpg 300w,×576...

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Yes! We are moving sooner than we are expecting because the space is almost ready! So if everything goes as planned, we will be in the space and seeing our clients on Monday, June 13th! Keep your eyes open for updates but plan accordingly! I think everyone will LOVE the new space!

Acupuncture (and massage): Let’s Get To The Point!!!

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Sign's depicting a choice in your life

It has come so abundantly clear to me recently how important it is to invest time in planning ahead for our health and well being as we age. We will spend hours and much money securing our financial futures yet we push through colds/flus, ignore the little pain in our knee until we can’t ignore it any longer, or make unwise choices with our diet and level of exercise. These actions are not meant to help us secure a long term future of good health.

A good friend of mine even said to me today that when she gets sick, she can’t afford to stop...

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Have you ever gone on a trip and before you did, you gathered all the maps and talked to people who had gone before, trying to get all the information you could so you could have the best trip experience? You find yourself pouring over websites full of information, talking to the AAA travel advisor, and planning out the daily events. I know I did exactly this when we were planning our first Disney trip...

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