“Alternatively Speaking” Series February: Loving Communication For Couples

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The Marlborough Wellness Center
Presents The “Alternatively Speaking” Series on

Loving Communication for Couples

Do you and your partner express your love so the other really gets it?
Or is there some frustration, like “How come she doesn’t get how much I love her, when I bring her flowers every week?”

You can give and receive the gift of Deeper Love this Valentine’s Day.
Attend this free workshop and learn one simple but profound approach to deeper communication of your love.

We all have different ways of expressing love. If you and your partner are not on the same channel, what you each express may not be received. This could be very frustrating for both of you. You know the love is there, but it’s just not connecting! What do you do? You can attend this free 90-minute workshop. You will learn which channel of expression works for your partner, and which one works for you. Then start giving what you each want in the way that truly communicates it! This simple practice can enhance your understanding and deepen your loving relationship. What a great gift for Valentine’s Day!

MariePatrice Masse is a CranioSacral Therapist, Energy Healer and Holistic Counselor in private practice in Stow, MA. MariePatrice gently but powerfully helps her clients to move through physical, emotional, psychological and Spiritual challenges and relax more deeply into living as their True selves. Contact MariePatrice at 978-579-0897, MariePatrice@SacredSpiralLifeWork.com or www.SacredSpiralLifeWork.com.

John Howe of Howe to Transform is MariePatrice’s life partner. John’s amazing Life Purpose Coaching helps us develop an on-going relationship with our inner trusted source, accessing our deep inner wisdom. Call John at 508-353-8348 or john@HoweToTransform.com.

MariePatrice and John have developed a unique approach to couples counseling. With it, you deepen your understanding and appreciation of each other, and revive the respect. You discover how relationships bring our old patterns and wounds to the surface for healing and release, and learn to disarm your Buttons. Find out what’s possible in your relationship.

Date: February 12th, 2008
Place: “60Nobscot”, 60 Nobscot Road, Sudbury, MA 01776; www.60nobscot.com
Time: 7:00 – 8:00pm; ATTENDANCE IS FREE!!
RSVP: MariePatrice at 978-579-0897 or MariePatrice@SacredSpiralLifeWork.com by February 8th!
Food will be provided! Come one, Come all! Bring a friend!