Allergies, Ear Infections, Spring Fevers…OH MY!!

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“The Time has come,”, the Walrus said, “To speak of many things….” -Alice in Wonderland

Ah yes, the springtime is upon us and for some of us, it can be a double-edged sword! We love the sun and the bright garden colors but dislike to the Nth degree the pollen and molds that come with it all. Sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, fevers, itchy eyes, sore necks/shoulders, foggy thinking, sinus pain, leaky noses, post-nasal drip…just to name a few of the common symptoms associated with springtime environmental allergies. Most of you may go for an over the counter option or prescription medications to mask the symptoms but with those, a new array of side effects plague our already tortured upper bodies!

There are natural options available to you! Herbal formulas with Chinese and Western herbs, Center-created sinus oils applied to the sinuses/nose, and children’s ear infection formulas are here at the Marlborough Wellness Center and may cost you the amount you would pay for a co-pay to the doctor. Except with the herbal options, there are not extra side effects to worry about and most can remove the allergic reaction altogether! And all of the options available are adult and KID friendly!

So, please so not suffer needlessly and contact us! We can find the right, individualized answer for your Spring issues today!