Acupuncture: Common Misconceptions

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I went to an advance networking training this past Monday and one of the presenters brought up a fabulous point: if she was to try to mention acupuncture to her friends, her friends would retort with “I don’t like needles” or “Oh the needles must hurt”. She stated, “Please don’t make me have the awkward conversation…tell me the answers so I can refer you the clients!”
AHA! The awkwardness when discussing acupuncture is very real! We’ve all heard the comments so let’s break some of them down and create better answers so acupuncture becomes an understood and viable treatment for those who are afraid.

1. “Are the needles painful?”: My response is “Let me show you!” Assuming this is possible, this opens up a fabulous show-and-tell opportunity! I carry needles with me in my purse all the time. I pull the sterile pack out and show them how very thin they really are. I let them touch them or hold them, realizing that I am not using needles the size of swords. I also offer the opportunity to speak with some of my clients who have volunteered to give testimonials to the painlessness of the needles themselves.

2. “Are they sterile?”: Yes and I show them. I also explain in simple words our Clean Needle Technique training required for our licensure and how I dispose of them safely and in accordance to the law.

3. “Why would I want to pay money to have someone stick needles in me?”: Excellent question and simply answered, because it works and has for 2000+ years. Most of my clients have told me that never in their wildest dreams did they think they would pay money to have needles placed on their body and then fall asleep and feel amazing afterwards. I agree because I never planned on being an acupuncturist but either way, it works!

4. “I’m afraid of needles!”: If you are afraid of needles, no worries. Acupuncturists have so many other adjunctive treatments available to them that do not require needles. Some acupuncturists practice specific styles of Japanese acupuncture that uses Shonishin instead of needles. Either way, you’ll be impressed with the results and may reconsider your fear of needles.

I love to challenge those who are unsure to try acupuncture just once. That usually changes their perception! And trust me, I know there are a lot of you out there so please, take a moment and find the closest acupuncturist near you and call them! Just think, what would life be like if you weren’t in pain/dis-ease?