Acupuncture and Thanksgiving

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‘Tis the season of giving thanks for what we have received this year, thankfulness for our family and friends, and most importantly our health. it has been a wonderful year full of great weather moments and sad global experiences. All of which causes us to pause an d think about how truly blessed we are living the lives we are living. So while you are at the table, about to enjoy the food that has thoughtfully been prepared for you, take a moment and say thank you out loud. Some may look up and wonder what you are doing but hopefully everyone will join you in a simple thank you. And please remember that the practitioners at the Marlborough Wellness Center wish you and your families the best of the holiday season, full of prosperity and good health!

PS: If you feel that food coma come on after you devoured the largest amount of turkey ever, call us because we have the perfect remedy for it…Shan Zha wafers! Little wafer candies that aid in the digestion of fats and lower blood pressure (a side effect for some when family is in town)!