Acupuncture and “Living Your Dash”

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Recently, I have had some of my clients come in, lay down on my tables, and tell me how much work stress they have or how they can’t seem to find the time to do the things they want to do. This morning, a long time client of mine started realizing that she had been working so hard for a good portion of her life but had found a passion in music and wanted to spend more time doing it. She was planning on retiring and has an end date in sight now, but as we talked I told her about the poem “Living Your Dash”. She hadn’t heard of it and when I explained the idea behind the poem, she smiled. I told her that everyday, I walk my dog in a cemetery near my house, looking at the headstones, wondering what that person’s life might have been like in the late 1800’s. I see their birthdate and their death date but what about the dash in between? What did they do in their “dash”?

So the question I have for you as you read this is are you living your dash? If we could expand it out on your headstone, what would it say? What was important to you? What roles helped shape who you were? What lessons did you learn along the way, easy and hard ones? Who did you spend that ‘dash’ time with and was it as wonderful as it should be? Were you grateful for each day in your dash or were you chasing down a destination that was never really there?

Acupuncture is great with helping people find the meaning in their lives, gaining a different perspective so that they may be able to live their dash to the fullest! By getting your energy balanced through acupuncture, you are helping to extend the length of your dash so reach out to your nearest acupuncturist and see how you could be living your dash!