Acupuncture and Herbs: Testimonial for Diabetes Herbal Success

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As I mentioned last week, Chinese medicine has amazing formulas and solutions for people suffering from diabetes. Here’s a brief testimonial of someone who has found success with Chinese herbs and managing his Type 2 Insulin Dependent Diabetes

“Herbs ? I have to wonder what they are all about. I am 71 years old and an insulin dependent Type 2 diabetic.
I was at 245 lbs, and after three years was 80 lbs less and still loosing about 2 lbs a month.
With a medical history of pulmonary and orthopedic conditions, I learned that I have a pancreatic condition that had been going on for several years. In mine and 5% of these cases, Western Medicine really does not know what causes the condition and what to do about it.
Julie worked with a team of herbalists and came up with an individualized, balanced herbal formula that I take twice a day. To my surprise, my appetite came back and I have gained 12 lbs over the past year. What was amazing was that other than the usual blood tests, I have not seen the doctor in almost a year. That in itself says a lot, and I feel great.”

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