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I went to an advance networking training this past Monday and one of the presenters brought up a fabulous point: if she was to try to mention acupuncture to her friends, her friends would retort with “I don’t like needles” or “Oh the needles must hurt”. She stated, “Please don’t make me have the awkward conversation…tell me the answers so I can refer you the clients!”
AHA! The awkwardness when discussing acupuncture is very real! We’ve all heard the comments so let’s break some of them down and create better answers so acupuncture becomes an understood and via...

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I get asked all the time what are the best food to eat during the summer? Healthy eating tips for the summer are a little tricky but my main mantra is “Eat With The Season”!
Since the weather is warm, you need light, cooling foods. Juicy peaches, sweet watermelons, tomatoes hot off the vine… and the right foods are easy to find. One trip through your garden or a walk through a farmer’s market and you’ll have the perfect summer meal.
But since you’re outside exercising and working in the garden, you build up an appetite...

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Comments Off on Acupuncture and Herbs: PAIN Is What May Bring You In But…

Recently I was asked a fantastic question: “What is the most common condition you treat?”
My answer was pain. Pain is usually what may bring most clients in the door. neck pain, Low back pain, headache pain, digestive issues, allergy pain…if you can name it’s whereabouts and it causes disruption in your everyday life, it’s pain. But most of the time, the pain is a sign that something more serious is going on...

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Comments Off on Acupuncture and Herbs: Testimonial for Diabetes Herbal Success

As I mentioned last week, Chinese medicine has amazing formulas and solutions for people suffering from diabetes. Here’s a brief testimonial of someone who has found success with Chinese herbs and managing his Type 2 Insulin Dependent Diabetes

“Herbs ? I have to wonder what they are all about. I am 71 years old and an insulin dependent Type 2 diabetic.
I was at 245 lbs, and after three years was 80 lbs less and still loosing about 2 lbs a month.
With a medical history of pulmonary and orthopedic conditions, I learned that I have a pancreatic condition that had...

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