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No Comments on Health Fair at Sky High Studios 1/11/14

The health fair today at Sky High Studios in Marlborough was enjoyed by all who attended! IMG_2319IMG_2327IMG_2317IMG_2318IMG_2323

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No Comments on Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Day Open House at MWC!

Come experience FREE mini- Acupuncture and Reflexology treatments at our
On Thursday, October 24th, from 5-7pm, here at the Marlborough Wellness Center!

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No Comments on Acupuncture and Assabet After Dark 2013

Chinese medicine is an all-encompassing body-mind system used by approximately one third of the world’s population to promote physical and emotional well-being. This one night class will introduce you to three of its major components:

Acupuncture: we will discuss different acupuncture styles and how acupuncture stimulates the body’s natural healing abilities

Chinese herbs: find out how to use them safely and where to obtain them

Acupressure: learn how to apply pressure on vital points of the body to stimulate the flow of energy and improve circulation thr...

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No Comments on MWC Seeking Licensed Massage Therapist

The 2012 Small Business of the Year award winning Marlborough Wellness Center is actively seeking a LICENSED MASSAGE THERAPIST to join the successful clinical team at our independent, private practice center. Here,  acupuncturist-herbalists polarity and Reiki practitioners, and  licensed massage therapists work collaboratively on a daily basis.

One massage therapy room will be available starting SEPTEMBER 8TH, 2013.  Schedule to be determined upon position acceptance; regular every two month staff meeting attendance is expected...

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No Comments on Local Marlborough, MA Acupuncture Center Does Good!

On March 7th, 2013, the Marlborough Wellness Center will be awarded the 2012 Small Business of the Year Award by the Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce. Julie Dalbec MAOM, Lic.Ac., OT/L is the owner of the Center and truly believes that “it takes a whole village to raise a child”. She may have started the Center in 2005 but it is the experienced practitioners in the space that has enabled this dream to become a vibrant reality...

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No Comments on Expanding Acupuncture-Herbal Hours and Horizons at the Marlborough Wellness Center!

It is official! Julie Dalbec is expanding her hours at the Marlborough Wellness Center to accomodate the needs of her acupuncture and herbal clients! She will be at the Center Monday through Friday, with new hours added to Friday mornings, starting at 8am! They are filling fast so please call the Center to make your appointments today! Acupuncture is great for any and all ailments so for a New Year, New You resolution, include Acupuncture in to the mix!

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Comments Off on The Allergy and Holiday Seasons Are Coming…

Be prepared before you have to suffer needlessly! The herbalists have specialized formulas to boost your immune systems so that your seasonal allergies are a thing of the past.

And remember to think of acupuncture and massage for your loved ones for their birthdays and the holiday season…gift certificates are available now!

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No Comments on Snow and Your Perspective of It

Snow: it’s all about your perspective of it. You can curse it as it makes your commute a nightmare or you can watch it fall gracefully in the streetlights. Either way, it means those of you who suffer from chronic low back pain or tennis elbow are going to need some attention! Acupuncture and massage can proactively help you stave off the impending days/nights…weeks of heat packs and Advil! Massage can loosen the muscles while Acupuncture can treat the root of the problem so it doesn’t become a seasonal issue!

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No Comments on *Winter Special 2012*

*Winter Special*: the practitioners at the MWC are offering our current clients the chance to experience other forms of bodywork available at the Center! $20.00 OFF your 1st session with another member of the MWC team! See your current practitioner for more info or call to become a client!

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No Comments on Acupuncture and the NE Patriots: A Comparison in Similarities

So what do the NE Patriots and Acupuncture have in common: 1. Many of the players receive acupuncture to improve their sportsmanship and manage their injuries; 2. Beating the Patriots this weekend will be like trying to find a ‘needle’ in a haystack!; 3. Just like Vegas has their betting lines, Acupuncture has their own lines also known as meridians! Therefore, if your body is your home, then as the Under Armour ad says, “We will protect this house!”

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