Acupuncture: 10% off for Mom’s in the Month of May

May 9th, 2014

Calling all moms!
Being a busy mom myself, I understand the toll it can take on our bodies but we love what we do and we do it everyday! Perhaps its time to take care of ourselves! Acupuncture can help manage the everyday stress you have learned to live with, those little aches and pains you have been working hard to ignore, and improve sleep and increase your overall zest for life!
Come in during the month of May, mention this post/ad, and receive 10% off your first treatment! Just like that. Just for being the spectacular mom you are!!

TCM: Cleveland Clinic Partners with Crane Herb!

May 7th, 2014

The Marlborough Wellness Center fills it’s herbal pharmacy with the quality products from Crane Herb and now the well known Cleveland Clinic will too! () So if you have been wondering about what Chinese herbs could possibly do for you, contact us and our experienced Chinese herbalist can answer any questions you may have.

Acupuncture: Are You On A Slow Simmer?

May 1st, 2014

There’s an old metaphor about a frog in boiling water. If you drop a frog in a pot of boiling water, he will immediately jump out because of the sudden, drastic change in temperature. If, however, you put a frog in a pot of tepid water and slowly bring it to a boil, the temperature change will be so subtle that the frog will never know what hit him as he boils to death.
People are very similar to the frog when it comes to identifying underlying health problems and seeking help. Based on the perceived severity of the problem, you are either driven to action, or more prone to let the problem continue as a mere annoyance.
Those who have suffered a major trauma such as an auto accident, work injury, or slip and fall are like a frog dropped in boiling water. Because they have undergone such sudden and massive physical change they seek immediate action in correcting the damage done and look to professional help without delay. Bear in mind that these are the same people who would normally overlook more minor aches and pains without a second thought.
Why does one act so quickly in a situation like this? The injury happens so suddenly and swings them so far from their comfort zone that they will do whatever it takes to bring things back to normalcy as quickly as possible. After all, a knock in your engine is something that you would typically let go for awhile, but a sudden cloud of smoke billowing from under the hood would likely spur you to immediate action.
The majority of people, however, are like a frog in tepid water, on a slow simmer until eventually being brought to a boil. Most imbalances develop over time, and because they are often very subtle, and many times painless, the danger of their impact on our bodies goes unnoticed.
Over time, however, these imbalances are no less devastating to us than boiling water is to the frog. A slow drip in your attic might not seem like a big deal, but its cumulative effects can eventually send your ceiling crashing down.
Until we get into the habit of being proactive when it comes to our health, these “simmering” imbalances will always be a threat. Neutralizing that threat requires that we shift our thinking away from pain-based, symptom-relief care and more toward a system built around prevention and wellness.
If you know someone who has not been examined for imbalances yet, regardless of whether or not they are exhibiting any symptoms, send them in for a acupuncture evaluation. Let’s get them the help they need before their pot comes to a boil!

Acupuncture and The Season of Spring

April 17th, 2014

The Season of Spring

Seasonal changes in climate have a significant effect on the physiological functions and pathological changes of the body. In the Spring, as the weather turns warmer and everything is growing, the Liver becomes very active in its function of dispelling and dispersing.

The Liver also corresponds with the wind, the birth of gardens and beings, the emotion of anger/frustration, the eyes and our vision, as well as the nails, tendons, ligaments, and tissues in our body. Oftentimes, people may suffer from seasonal allergies, increased frustration around simple situations, and new tendon/tissue injuries due to the transition between the winter (season of the Kidney) and the spring (season of the Liver) not being a smooth one.

So as one may presume, our diets should reinforce the Liver and its dispersing qualities. Eating foods grown/created in the spring season such as leafy vegetables and citrus fruits is best while continuing to avoid/minimize extremely cold food and dairy products. Drinking plenty of water to keep hydrated and do simple cleanses to “spring clean”/prepare your body for the season. Try introducing these following foods/seasonings to your meals to help the Liver help your body dispel the winter and disperse your energy in a balanced way:

Basil Radish
Carrots Turmeric
Cloves Cardamom
Garlic Chive
Orange Peel Dill Seed
Tangerine Peel Mustard leaf
Caraway Star Anise
Cayenne Coriander

Acupuncture: A House Divided…

April 10th, 2014

“A house divided against itself cannot stand.” –Abraham Lincoln
Pain killer…Check. Anti-inflammatory…Check. Anti-anxiety…Check. Antidepressant…Check.
And that’s just breakfast!
For many, starting the day by downing a handful of pills has become the norm, a natural accompaniment to their eggs and toast.
You take pills because you are taught to, and that’s what most people are accustomed to. Because somehow the drugs are supposed to wipe the slate clean and zero out your not so healthy lifestyle choices. Inherently you know that the drugs are not the best thing for you, but you figure that you can settle for good enough if the pills can help you just get by.
There is a reason that every drug or pill that you are prescribed comes with a list of side effects and warnings. Continually putting foreign/toxic substances into your body over the long run often creates more illness than health.
The reality is that the body is designed to heal from the inside out and express life through an inborn intelligent energy, and it is only when this energy is impeded that the body begins to break down.
Drugging an imbalanced body does nothing to bring it back into balance, and in fact while on the surface it may appear that the drugs are serving a positive purpose, underneath, the body is thrown farther into a state of stress and dis-ease. In effect, you have created a house divided.
The natural, recuperative power of the body is now pitted against the drug’s toxic effects. Even when drugs are designed as closely as possible to work in harmony with the human body, it simply is not feasible to introduce chemicals into the body without also inducing stress.
The key to producing a lifetime of health and wellness is to develop a unified front; to unleash the full power of the body’s meridian systems and then to nurture it through exercise, good nutrition, adequate rest, and a positive mental outlook.
Acupuncture works in unison with the body and serves to optimize your innate healing potential. It is the natural choice to replenish and maintain optimal health!

Acupuncture: 24 Hours To A Better Life

April 3rd, 2014

24 hours. One day.
What if you only got one? What would you do with it? Who would you see? How would you act? Where would you go?
Fortunately most of us get more than one day to live out our lives. But for too many of us there seems to be something wrong with every single day we are given. It’s too long. It’s too short. It’s cold. It’s rainy. It’s boring. It’s too busy.
If it were your last day, do you think you would give things like the weather a second thought? If you had just one day to live, your focus would undoubtedly shift from complaining and complacency to productivity, love, and thankfulness.
Well, the truth of the matter is that every day is of equal value. Today is no less important than your last day. Each day is a brand new start and we are all given the same 24 hours to make of them what we will.
All of this may sound a little too cliché, but consider that billionaire powerhouses like Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffett are given the same 24 hours every day that you are. They are afforded no more time and no less time. The difference comes in how they choose to utilize their hours. And if you think they just somehow happened to arrive at their success by chance or privilege, read up on their life histories and you’ll find that this couldn’t be farther from the truth.
Now your goal might not be to become a billionaire, but most people are longing for something more out of life, but are either waiting around for it to come to them, or just don’t know how to go about getting it.
The good news is that it doesn’t take a genius to create an extraordinary life; just persistent focused action on a daily basis.
Maybe you would love to write a best-seller, but are intimidated by the whole process. If you got to work and wrote just one page a day, in a year’s time you will have completed a 365 page book! Even if it took you 2 days per page, you would still have a substantial 180 pages.
Advancing your life simply requires that you prioritize and change your focus. Evaluate your typical day and find those “lost moments” or “voids” in which nothing meaningful seems to take place, and then plan the night before how you are going to better utilize that time. Listen to educational programs during your commute. Instead of surfing the web, study your field of business. Turn the TV off in favor of some quality family time.
You may not be destined to change the world, but by focusing 24 hours at a time it is easily within your power to change your life!

Acupuncture: Are You Stuck In First Gear?

March 20th, 2014

Imagine you are driving down the road with your gas pedal to the floor. Your car runs great and gets you to where you need to be. All is good.
But then you look around and notice that everyone else is whizzing right by you.
Determined to keep up with those around you, you take your car into the shop and have the mechanic give it a good once-over.
The mechanic finds that while you have been getting to where you need to be, you have been doing so while driving in only one gear. In actuality, he discovers that your car has an entire set of gears that have never even been utilized!
Many people live out their lives the same way; stuck in first gear and never living up to their full potential; not quite hurting, but definitely not at their best. The problem is that while most people realize that they simply are not living up to par, they don’t know how to access their hidden gearbox to take their health to the next level.
These are the people that need to be under acupuncture care!
The old misconception that acupuncture care is just for those in pain or battling symptoms is quickly being exposed for the fallacy that it is.
Those who get the most out of their acupuncture treatments are the ones who take their care beyond the relief phase and work with their acupuncturist to maintain lifelong health and wellness.
The true essence of acupuncture actually has nothing to do with the treatment of pain and symptoms. Acupuncture treatments remove meridian system blockages by detecting and correcting imbalances in the meridian system. Symptoms are relieved as a byproduct of building a healthier body.
A blockage within the meridian system, ones that are continually out of balance, will never allow the body to run at maximum speed and efficiency. The blockage and imbalance in effect acts as a governor on your body’s engine, limiting it to a certain speed that it can’t rise above.
You are not designed to sputter through life in first gear. You are created to live all out at full throttle. Settle for any less and you not only short-change yourself, but also those who depend upon you.
Your meridian system is housing a whole new set of gears that most of us never even tap into. By unleashing the full scope of your body’s innate potential, acupuncture can help you take your health and your life to unparalleled heights.

Are You Living Or Just Alive?

March 13th, 2014

Life is described as many things by different people, but one thing it can never be defined as is stagnant.
Life is always changing, evolving, increasing, or decreasing in capacity. It is in a constant state of flux.
While you are sitting there seemingly doing nothing, your body is always on the job building and repairing tissue, creating new cells, growing hair and nails, digesting food, etc.
The degree to which your body is able to do these things depends primarily upon the health and vibrancy of your meridian system. There are certainly other factors that come into play such as proper nutrition, level of exercise and adequate rest, but even their potency is diminished when shackled by a weakened supply of energy flowing through the meridian system.
Life is supported by the meridian system and emanates outward into all of your cells, muscles, nerves, organs and tissues. All other variables being equal, the body is at its healthiest when there is a steady and free flow of energy within the meridian system.
When the meridian system is blocked, or out of balance, your quality of life diminishes. Think of it as a hose that is pinched and not able to supply the adequate amount of water to a growing plant. Eventually the plant will die from lack of water.
It is not necessarily safe to assume that you are at your healthiest, or to put it another way, at your most alive, simply because you are living, breathing, and exhibiting no obvious pain or symptoms.
While your level of health may seem completely stable on the outside, in actuality it can be fluctuating under the surface. A cavity quickly becomes a very painful toothache when the nerve is exposed, but the process leading up that point can take months, or even years. Nobody would argue that all the while the tooth was unhealthy under the surface even in the absence of symptoms.
To ensure that your body remains at its healthiest, it is essential to maintain a balanced, optimally functioning meridian system and to continually supply your body with the power that it needs to thrive. To merely be symptom-free is not enough.
While many people associate acupuncture with pain relief, the true essence of an acupuncture treatment is to support the normal and balanced flow of energy within the body.

“Are you a Noun or a Verb?”

February 25th, 2014

When Dr. Deepak Chopra’s son, Gotham Chopra, was playing basketball with Dr. Chopra in the backyard of one of their homes, Gotham asked Dr. Chopra a fantastic question: “Are you a Noun or a Verb?” Dr. Chopra’s response was, “What a ridiculous question…” but he never answered it.
So I asked myself, “Am I a Noun or a Verb?”
Yes, I am a woman, a mom, a wife, a business woman, an acupuncturist/OT, a friend….
But I am also someone who loves, hikes, loves challenges, works, laughs, cries, worries….
As someone influential in my life once said to me, “We are human BE-ings” It is important to BE and be present.
So as one human BE-ing to another, consider the most important aspect of your Be-ing as your health. Do what you should do to be as healthy and balanced as possible. Acupuncture can assist in that process in a healthy way!
Because in the end, what is between “your dash” (dash being the dash between birthdate and death date)?

Acupuncture, Headaches, and Your Diet

February 4th, 2014

To all you headache sufferers, you do have some control and it starts with your diet! Read on!