Acupuncture: Aahh, she has her’s mother’s….

July 2nd, 2014

It’s almost a newborn’s rite of passage. A baby can’t escape having its looks scrutinized to determine what he/she got from whom: Grandma’s nose, Dad’s eyes, Mom’s mouth, Grandpa’s ears, and on and on.
What we rarely consider is that according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the baby also inherits their constitution from it’s parents: strengths and imbalance as well. When I have consulted with patients, it is not uncommon to hear things like, “I get migraine headaches just like my mom used to.” Or, “I remember my dad having the same exact lower back pain I’ve been dealing with.” Or, “My kids have horrible allergy problems just like I do.”
How is it possible that conditions like those mentioned above are passed on from generation to generation? After all, we’re talking about symptoms here, not looks and physical traits.
When you begin to understand where symptoms come from, one explanation becomes abundantly clear.
Let’s take a moment to remember that symptoms themselves are not a problem. They are a product of the underlying cause and they also serve as your body’s warning system. So for a certain symptom pattern to be passed on generationally, there must be a common underlying cause that triggers the outward symptom, and most often that cause is rooted in the meridian system.
When we look at the distribution of the meridian system, it becomes apparent that each of the meridians supply energy to specific organs and parts of the body.
By tracing the symptom back to its origin in the meridian system, examination often reveals that the parent and child may have the same pattern(s) of imbalance and will tend to develop a similar pattern of signs and issues.
Therefore, TCM believes that symptoms aren’t inherited, but rather the pattern that produces those symptoms. To continually treat the symptom is counterproductive in the long run. The most effective strategy is to correct the underlying cause (the meridian imbalance) and let the symptoms take care of themselves.
Receiving acupuncture at the Marlborough Wellness Center from the experienced practitioners there can help you and your family members find the way out of the inherited health issues!

Acupuncture: Off-Road or Off The Mark?

June 25th, 2014

We know you’ve seen them braving the pitted surface of the highway, or perhaps traversing a busy grocery store or home improvement parking lot. Luckily for the driver, there’s just enough power and ground clearance to navigate a speed bump before wedging himself into a miniscule parking space. We’re referring to The Hummer: real-life Tonka toy, the bastion of raw power and manliness…relegated to a life on the pavement. It’s a travesty being played out all over America.
The question is are you treating acupuncture like a well-dressed Hummer? Are you using it for total body health and well-being as it was meant to be or simply to reduce your back pain? Are you using it to unleash the awesome power of the meridian system, to support and rebuild your health or just to get rid of that headache? Using it to enhance your athletic performance, boost your immunity, and increase your energy, calm your mind, reduce your stress or to merely get over a stiff neck? It’s time to get off the pavement and into the tough stuff!
Many people are still under the impression that acupuncture is all about fixing up aches and pains. Are you one of them?
The very first acupuncture treatment was delivered over 2,500 years ago! Acupuncture is a time-tested, proven method to help regain health in ways that go beyond just treating pains and aches.
Obviously, if you come to us in pain we will do everything we can to get your body back into balance as quickly as possible in order to alleviate your symptoms. But the true overriding purpose of acupuncture is to restore the normal and balanced flow of energies within the meridian system so that the body is free to express its maximum potential of health at all times. Using acupuncture for anything less is like never taking your Hummer off-road.
If you are seeing us on an occasional basis or only when you hurt yourself, you are missing out on the true essence of acupuncture. If this sounds like you, call the Marlborough Wellness Center to get on a schedule of preventative, proactive acupuncture care and let us help you live life to the fullest.
But you rationalize that you bought your Hummer because it has plenty of headroom and ample cargo space to transport your groceries and lumber. Nice try. So does the neighbor lady’s minivan.
Now about that treatment…

Acupuncture: Fit-vs-Healthy

June 19th, 2014

We have all read the unfortunate headlines:

* 37 Year Old MLB Baseball Pitcher Dies of Heart Attack
* NHL Hockey Player Found Dead in Condo at Age 35, No Foul Play Suspected
* Olympic Skater’s Life Cut Short at 28, Dies of Natural Causes

These were elite athletes at the top of their sport. Were they fit? There’s no question about it.
Were they healthy? Not so much.

Let’s be clear. These athletes were certainly healthier than the majority of us. The very fact that they were competitive athletes at the top of their game required the physical work and commitment to get them there. The nature of their body composition, physical conditioning, and cardiovascular endurance left them less predisposed to many of the chronic ailments that tend to plague those of us with a more sedentary lifestyle. When I tell people I do triathlons, I get responses like, “I couldn’t do that!” or “You must be really fit!”
On the other hand, a truly healthy body just doesn’t suddenly quit working. So clearly there is a big distinction between being physically fit and toned on the surface, and possessing genuine health and wellness underneath.
A physically fit body is typically a body that feels good and exudes health and vibrancy. But this often belies the fact that sickness and disease, such as cancer and cardiovascular disorders, can be festering undetected under the surface. This can be explained in Traditional Chinese medicine as meridian imbalances, which most of the time develop and progress painlessly while robbing the body of its vital energy.
So clearly, gauging your level of health and wellness based simply on the way that you look or feel on the outside can be a very dangerous practice.
In addition, a common misconception is that you can somehow exercise away an imbalance. This simply is not the case and even Western medicine will say the same. While exercise is essential, and certainly encouraged for its plentitude of benefits, the only correction for an imbalance is an acupuncture treatment. Once the change is made, exercises, especially those specific to your condition, will serve to complement it.
So while health and fitness is certainly encouraged, exercise alone will not carry you to the pinnacle of health. The foundation of healthy living is a powerful free-flowing meridian system free to help the body without interference. That foundation is built by acupuncture and be found with the qualified and experienced practitioners at the Marlborough Wellness Center.

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June 18th, 2014

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Acupuncture: It’s Essential!

June 13th, 2014

To live a healthy life at the most basic level, we all know that there are certain habits that must be maintained on a consistent basis.
Want healthy teeth? Brush a few times daily, floss at least once a day, and visit your dentist for regular check-ups.
Healthy bodily hygiene requires that you shower or bathe daily.
Living at a healthy bodyweight results from consistently eating the right types of foods, and regularly engaging in some form of exercise.
Most importantly, living your life at your absolute healthiest, with 100% energy flow and maximum expression of life requires clearing the body of meridian imbalances and then maintaining those changes through consistent wellness treatments.
These are truths that cannot be denied. When you quit performing any of these proactive habits, its corresponding aspect of health begins to decline.
So let’s say you did give up these habits. What would happen to your state of health as it relates to that activity?
Quit brushing and flossing and you risk losing your teeth. As undesirable as this would be, you can still live without a mouthful of teeth. Sure it’s more difficult, but you would survive.
Give up bathing and, while your circle of friends would quickly diminish, you would be in no imminent threat of losing your life.
Stop exercising or eating well and soon your neglect will be written all over your expanding body.
Start powering down or inhibiting the meridian system, however, and your quality of life plummets right along with it. Shut the meridian system down completely, and you will be very unhealthy.
This is not to imply that if you give up your acupuncture treatments that disease is imminent, but it does speak volumes toward the importance of keeping the power of the meridian system flowing freely at all times.
Life revolves around the meridian system and when there become imbalances, or blockages, the energy that runs the body is diminished.
As important as it is to correct meridian imbalances and restore normal function to the meridian system, it is just as critical to maintain those changes. A lifetime of preventative, wellness acupuncture care is one of the healthiest habits that you can engage in.

Acupuncture: Your Body and The Egg Carton

June 6th, 2014

If you’re like most people, before buying eggs at the grocery store you open the carton to check for broken shells. You’re probably not too surprised when you come across a cracked egg or two and you simply continue your search, rendering the previous carton useless. As you proceed, you notice that some cartons contain 1 broken egg, others contain 2, and still others have 3 or more. Finally you find what you came for, a carton with a perfect dozen eggs inside.
Why must you go through the process of opening each carton? Because you can’t tell anything about the contents by simply looking at the outside packaging. Every carton looks identical from the outside, yet they can be very different on the inside. To randomly choose any carton without knowing what’s inside would be a foolish and unnecessary risk.
The body is like our egg carton. It is often so good at compensating for imbalances, that what might look healthy and in balance from the outside can actually be masking underlying problems or symptoms. If left undetected, these imbalances can lead to chronic sickness, degeneration, and disease.
When it comes to our health, we’ve been taught that what you see and feel is what you get. If things look okay on the outside and you don’t have any symptoms, you must be healthy, right? We’ve come to learn that this is not the case. Many diseases and disorders such as cancer and heart disease have no symptoms or warning signs until the sickness is well into the advanced stage. Imbalances are no different.
Meridian imbalances are known as “silent problems”. They often go undetected because many times they are painless and reveal few outward signs or symptoms, yet all the while they are affecting your life-sustaining meridian system.
If there are enough cracked eggs in a carton, and they are left inside long enough, eventually they will begin to soak through and reveal themselves. Similarly, uncorrected imbalances will eventually show themselves as symptoms.
The only way to know for certain whether or not you have meridian imbalances is to either wait for your carton to soak through, or to open the carton and look inside with an acupuncture examination.
If you wouldn’t take a chance on a $3.00 carton of eggs, you certainly shouldn’t risk your most precious and priceless commodity: YOUR HEALTH! Acupuncture: Let’s Get To The Point!

Acupuncture: Dare To Be Different…It Could Be Good For You!

May 29th, 2014

It’s interesting how some things come to be accepted as normal just because the larger flock is engaging in them. If you are fortunate enough to have an open mind and think for yourself, all of a sudden you are the one who is considered odd, or alternative, or irresponsible.
When did it become normal for millions of American kids to be on the pharmaceutical, Ritalin? What happened to the human body that all of a sudden we supposedly need flu shots and immunizations to stay healthy? How is it that modern medicine is a leading cause of death in this country yet we continue to consume it in absurd amounts?
When you talk about acupuncture for total body health and wellness, you may be interpreted as odd. If your ‘medicine cabinet’ isn’t overflowing with cough syrups and pain management medications, you may be seen as different. If you choose not to immunize your kids, you’re seen as doing them a disservice.
So the question I pose to you is: who are the ones that are really off base here? Common or mainstream does not necessarily mean normal or right or the best thing for you, and it’s up to you to make informed decisions about your health instead of leaving your fate in someone else’s hands.
If you’re thinking for yourself and you happen to be in alignment with the masses, then so be it. But don’t be influenced by the flock to accept that mentality just because “everybody else is doing it”.
When you swim against the current of conventional thinking, some people may look at you funny. Rather than taking offense to those sideways glances, take them as a sign that you may be on the right track.
It’s been said that as soon as you start thinking like the crowd, you’ll be swept up in it. You know you are strong enough to stand up for what you believe, for what makes sense for you, and for what you know in your heart to be right. You owe it to yourself and know you will be supported by the practitioners at the Marlborough Wellness Center.

Acupuncture: A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste!

May 20th, 2014

Whether you realize it or not, one of the most powerful forces in your life is your self-image. A positive, healthy self-image can carry you to heights you’ve never imagined, while a negative self-image will pin you down like a lead weight.
To a large degree your self-image is influenced by the pictures and messages you continually feed into your mind. Positive, uplifting messages help to foster a healthy self image, while stories of doom and despair are sure to bring you down.
Your mind, just like your body, is conditioned by the pattern of your daily habits. If you get into the routine of exercising every day and putting wholesome nutritious food into your body, it is inevitable that your level of health will improve. By the same token, feasting on donuts and soda everyday while taking up permanent residence on the couch is like punching your ticket on the express train out of here.
By treating our minds like our bodies, that is feeding them what makes them healthier and exercising them the right way, we can make a complete shift in our mental make-up.
Detoxing your mind takes practice and discipline, but the payoff is invaluable. The eventual goal should be to always ooze positivity, but start by challenging yourself with a few days to a week of elevating your attitude and build from there. Journal your progress and take note of the changes that you see in yourself and in those around you.
Start by replacing the “junk food” that you force feed into your head with outrageously nutritious material. Focus on feeding nothing but positive, motivating things into your mind. This goes for what you watch, read, listen to, and most importantly, what you think.
Replace the dread and corruption reported on the evening news with a motivational reading, spiritual study, or uplifting music. Break away from gossip and get into the habit of passing out compliments.
If negative thoughts about yourself or someone else enter your mind (and they will) work on eliminating them or putting a positive spin on them. For example, instead of complaining that your water bill is too high, come up with creative ways to lower it or simply be thankful that you have running water at the turn of a knob.
You draw into your life those things that you consistently focus your time and energy on. Become a magnet for happiness and prosperity by continually thinking happy, prosperous thoughts.

Acupuncture: Commit…Then Follow Through to Great Health

May 15th, 2014

Let’s get right to the point. There is no magic bullet, the easy way out is the wrong way, and quick fixes never stand the test of time. We all know this to be true yet astoundingly, we have been led to believe the exact opposite when it comes to our health and well-being. Medicine has become our magic elixir, our get-out-of-jail-free card. Why exercise your bones and joints when you can pop a pill instead? Sure you risk abdominal cramping and bone death, but at least you don’t have to get off the couch. Hair loss, obesity, short temper, shyness, itchy skin, dry eyes… You can bet that whatever ails you, no matter how trivial, there is a pill marketed for it.
The reason acupuncture continues to thrive for the past 2,500 years, even at times in the face of fierce opposition, is because it is built on solid, lasting, time-tested principles and theories.
The health of your body is in direct proportion to the health of how your bodies innate healing energies travel throughout your meridian system. Energy flows throughout your body by way of an intricate network of pathways called the meridian system.
Taking migraine medicine for a headache requires that your body not only fight the cause of the migraine, but now also the dangerous chemicals you are dumping into it. We have essentially been trained to put out a fire by dousing it with gasoline. We have been led to believe that the work that the body has been accomplishing over thousands of years with amazing efficiency is suddenly no longer possible in the absence of drugs.
As much as we tend to overcomplicate it, staying healthy is really pretty simple. Getting well requires that we optimize the function and flow of energy within our meridian system and then maintain its integrity to allow the body to do what it was created to do. The reason that so many of us struggle with our health is because as simple as the concept is, actually following through requires a high level of commitment and necessitates specific action steps on a daily basis. Everyone knows the formula for losing weight is to cut out the bad calories, watch your portions, and exercise daily, but few people can commit to following through. It’s easier to look for the pill that requires no work output or the exercise video that promises miracles after 2 weeks, or to simply give into temptation.
Your body is a masterpiece and it requires consistent attention and respect. If you’re ready to make the commitment to getting well – not just feeling better through artificial means, but truly getting well – then welcome aboard! We’ll do everything we can to help you get there.

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May 9th, 2014

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